Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Blogging

It’s 2017, and yet oddly enough, not every business has a blog…but nearly every business could benefit from one. If you don’t already have a regular blog accessible on your company’s website, here’s why you should consider blogging NOW…

#1: Blogs Are Click-Bait

Good blogs, which start off with high-interest titles, are “click bait,” meaning they entice people to click on the links to read them. When your blog is promoted through your social media and attached to your website, that means:

  • Your posts and tweets get more user attention…and that makes them more visible (without paid ads) in Facebook’s News Feed and Twitter streams.
  • Blog readers are directed to your website where they can learn more about your product and service offerings.

Titles that pique viewers’ interest is the key to creating clickable blogs, but you do have to follow-up a catchy title with some worthwhile content for readers to actually like and share your blog and social media posts promoting it.

#2: Blogs Boost Your SEO Performance

Blogs can enhance your overall SEO performance in a number of ways:

  1. Increase popularity of your social media properties.

Most social medial platforms have their own ranking system that allow them to suggest posts, tweets, pins, pics, etc. they think their users will like. The popularity of social media posts promoting and linking to your blog can boost ranking within the social media platform. Some social media platforms are open to search engine indexing, meaning that the popularity of social media pages, posts, etc. may actually be used for ranking purposes by the “major players”—Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

  1. Increase traffic to your website.

A visit to your blog is a visit to your website, and that’s a good thing. If the blog offers quality content that keeps viewers reading, even better. Your blog can increase performance for a number of known ranking factors, including:

  • Number of unique monthly visitors
  • Time spent on page

If your blog encourages viewers to navigate to other blogs or pages on your website, the bounce rate for your blog posts and possibly other pages may decline, and that can boost ranking, too.

#3: Blogs Make Your Business Your Customers’ Go-To for Information and Trends

Quality blog content can boost your reputation on- and off-line. When your existing customers and members of your target market know your blog answers their questions, gives them “insider” information and offer special promotions, they will check in regularly…and they will trust you/your blog rather than consult your competitor. Your blogs can both inform your consumers of industry trends and set trends in your local market by tailoring promotions to suit your customers’ anticipated needs.

To fully realize the potential blogs have to boost your brand loyalty and conversion, the content you post needs to be valuable to your existing and potential customers. If you’re not sure what you should be blogging about or just don’t have the time, contact