Write to Your Target Audience

When it comes to optimizing your Web site for the search engines, it is important to have solid content that skillfully utilizes the phrases people are actually using in the search engines to find the types of products or services you offer (see Woo Them with Words). It is equally as important to create content that is written directly to your target audience.

While using strategic keyword phrases is important to get people to your site, you won’t experience much of a conversion rate if you don’t write in such a way as to connect with your target audience.

Identify your target audience

First and foremost, it is important to understand exactly who your target audience is so that you can write in a way that addresses their needs and concerns. Take the time to really get to know your target customer (see Reaching Your Target Audience). Ask yourself why this person is seeking out your service or product in the first place and then consider how your service or product meets a specific need or want in that customer’s life. Your writing should address those needs and wants.

Write as if you are talking to one person from your target audience

Once you identify who your target audience is and why they are seeking your products or services, write your copy as if you are talking to one person from that target group. Everyone wants to feel like you understand them and can satisfy the need or desire that they have. You can do this by creating conversational copy that is focused on your customer. Utilize a lot of “you” and “your” in the copy, and speak directly to how your product or service can meet their need.

Don’t write about yourself

Now, the tendency is to write copy about you and your business. Frankly, your customer is not immediately interested in the history of your company or how great you are. Their immediate interest is seeing how their need or desire will be met. Focus your copy on the benefits of your product or service and provide additional pages for information about your company and other information that helps further your credibility. Remember, having information about your company can be a good thing, but it is not the first thing that potential clients want to see when they get to your Web site.

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