Simple Tips to Write (Better) Web Copy

Good copy will keep the right audience intrigued.

Good copy will keep the right audience intrigued.

You may be an expert in your business, a leader in your industry, but when it comes to writing your website, you may feel like a total N00b.

Good web copy is important as you truly have less than a second to grab a potential customer’s attention. Your site can look great, but without copy to pull them in, visitors will click away and look for a site that provides more information.

Some simple tips to write your website copy:

    Keep it short. We all love to get lost in a good novel—but don’t turn your website into one! While it’s important to give visitors the information they are looking for, make sure your sentences are tight and don’t waste words. Make every word count as you drive people through the copy with the goal of getting them to take action.

    Keep it simple. Know your audience. If your business helps the average person, avoid confusing industry jargon. If you are working in a specialized area, jargon may be important to show your expertise.

    Use “you.” Use the second person “you” throughout the copy.  Just like people love to hear their names in person, people love to be spoken to in a conversational tone on the internet. Since it is like talking to a trusted friend, writing in second person grabs the person’s attention and maintains it, when done well.

    Include calls-to-action. A call-to-action is a suggestion that customers contact you, click the ‘buy now’ button or take some other action to accomplish a goal. A call-to-action should be included above the fold, encouraging potential customers to ACT NOW.

    Stay on topic. Search engines look for relevance. Make sure your topic for every page is specific rather than general so it will make it easier for the search engines to rank you for relevant queries.

    Use keywords. You’ve got to use the language of your target audience. Research to determine what people are actually typing into search engines and incorporate keywords into your web copy.

Always ask yourself who your audience is and write accordingly. Consider the age of your audience, their tastes, what their needs are and why they might want to contact you. Or, you could hire an internet marketing firm like to do the work for you!

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