Why You Need a Good Design for Your Web Site

Create Unique Visitors

Your Web site is the face of your company online. It is the first thing new customers will see and serves as the basis from which people make judgments about whether or not they will spend money on your products or services. Your Web site is your 24 hour salesperson, telling people about your company and showing them what you have to offer. The design of your Web site is, therefore, extremely important.

Since you cannot greet customers the way you would if they came to your physical location, you need to have a site that makes them feel welcomed and comfortable to look around. A site that is not easy to navigate or is not pleasing to view will turn visitors away before you have a chance to show them what you have to offer.

Your Web site says a lot about your company. It tells potential customers how much you care about the products or services you provide, how much you care about their user experience and how much you care about staying current and setting trends. A quality Web site will help instill confidence in visitors that are new to your site.

Visitors need to feel confident that you are a trustworthy company that has their best interest at heart. A poorly designed site does not instill confidence in a potential customer. Just like you wouldn’t send a poorly dressed salesperson to represent your company, you shouldn’t allow a poorly designed Web site to represent your company. Remember, first impressions matter.

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