Why Good Copy Matters

The proper words will attract the right crowd.

The proper words will attract the right crowd.

Good copywriting matters. It not only drives traffic to your site, but also brings in the right kind of traffic—potential customers who are already searching for the product you offer.The three ‘Ts’ of good copywriting:

    Even if you are a strong writer, it helps to collaborate with a professional copywriter. A pro knows how to write not only for your audience, but also for search engines that drive targeted traffic to your site.

    Good copywriting includes a thorough understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a technique that clearly communicates with search engines so your page is a top option for relevant search engine queries.

    Not only does good copy help draw visitors to your site, it also builds trust. Good copy. Copy that is written for your targeted audience demonstrates authority in your industry and shows how strongly you stand behind your product/service.

    When the site is sloppy, with too little information or hyperbolic statements (for example, telling visitors your business is the best in the world. Can you prove that?), people are likely to click away. After all, if your writing appears unprofessional, how are they supposed to trust you can get the job done?

    Your copy needs to gain traction to get the customer to act. Even if the copy drives traffic and builds trust, it needs to drive conversions. Persuasive copy includes a call-to-action telling your customer to call you (don’t forget to provide the phone number!) today.

Good copy matters. It builds credibility, it tells people who you are and why they should choose you. Most importantly, it compels people to act—and that translates into bigger profits.

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(^See what we did there?^)