Who’s On Twitter?

This blog series last left off giving a basic overview of how Twitter can help your business by impacting search engine ranking, making your business more visible online, and enabling you to manage your online reputation. This second entry will give you the hard numbers about Twitter users, and why these numbers are important to you.

While Twitter initially started out as a new means of social media (think Facebook in a text message format), it has quickly grown into a worldwide phenomenon that spans many demographics. There are tens of millions of Twitter users worldwide, with the majority of them in the United States.

According to a Pew Center Report on Twitter usage in the United States, the following statistics emerged:

  • 8% of all adult online users, or 6% of the entire adult population in the U.S., use Twitter. The 18-29 year old age group used Twitter the most, and most Twitter users live in an urban setting.
  • The majority of Twitter users, 18%, have at least some college education or have college degrees.
  • 25% of all users check Twitter multiple times per day
  • 72% of all Twitter users post updates about their personal lives, including their activities or interests.
  • 53% of all Twitter users repost others’ material

What does all of this mean for your business and how can it help you?

  • Using Twitter gives you instant access to 6% of all adult Americans. That’s approximately 18 million people! There’s an old adage that says you do your best business on Main Street. Twitter gives you that opportunity to get into the action on Main Street America by allowing you to reach millions of Americans.
  • The college educated are a key demographic for business because they generally have higher resources and incomes.
  • If many people check Twitter multiple times per day, your business has multiple chances of being noticed every day.
  • Twitter users can find your business based on their personal interests or hobbies, thus assuring those interested in your product or service can find you.
  • Once you’re found by an interested Twitter user, there’s a good chance your business’ information will be passed along to other users through retweets.

So what’s the bottom line? Using Twitter obviously gets the word of your business out online. Twitter has become a tool of instant value for businesses. Even Fortune 500 businesses have realized the potential of Twitter. According to one study, two hundred ninety-eight (60%) of all Fortune 500 businesses maintained a Twitter account last year.

Being a small or medium sized business doesn’t mean you can’t use Twitter to your advantage the same way large businesses do. In fact, using Twitter gives small and medium sized business an advantage: the ability to reach as many Americans as big businesses do. The social media medium helps to level the playing field for all using it. A well maintained feed can help you reach as many Americans as a large business.

Now that you know why your business should be on Twitter, the next blog will talk about what exactly you should be saying once you’re on Twitter.