Go Where the People Are

Social networkingAre you a marketing professional? Have you thought about the value of social media websites have in developing your marketing strategies? If not, you need to.

Here’s why: an article by eMarketer revealed that every form of media lost percentage points in terms of users except for mobile devices and the Internet. The Internet continues to grow at a constant 6% each year; mobile device usage increased by 28.2% this year!

What can be gleaned from this? That fewer people are using print resources for information and are converting to the digital realm. With so many people online and using smart phones, where are they all going?

Facebook. The Facebook network is projected to house 132.5 million US Internet users this year according to another article by eMarketer; this is 57.1% of all Internet users—57.1% of ALL INTERNET USERS!

If you want to expose your company’s brand, services and goods to as many people as possible, then it’s time to start thinking of ways to reach your target audience with a free Facebook profile.

By 2014, 43% of all US mobile device users are expected to have a smart phone; they are expected to use their phones for everything—surfing the web, email, and yes, Facebook. With this data, one would be foolish to think that they could compete in future business markets without factoring in the variable of Internet and mobile marketing. What can you do?

Develop creative social media marketing and mobile marketing campaigns. If you don’t have the creative power to develop one, find someone who does. If you don’t have the time it takes to implement a proper marketing campaign properly, find someone who does. Whether you’re a marketer or a business owner looking to boost your business efforts online, you need to go where the people are if you are going to succeed in today’s business world.