When To Tweet

woman with clock faceThe first two entries in this blog series gave you a basic overview of what Twitter is important to your business and who uses Twitter. The third entry offered some general pointers on what to tweet. Now that you have a basic idea of what to tweet, you’ll need to know when to tweet.

There’s an old saying that timing is everything. This is also true when it comes to social media and Twitter. Tweeting isn’t random chatter at random times. Knowing when to tweet during the day and during the week are just as important as knowing the fine line of about how many tweets you should send out per day.

We’ll take a look at each of these step-by-step.

  • When To Tweet During The Day:

    According to Dan Zarrella, who many regard as the social media scientist, there is a higher occurrence of Twitter click through rates beginning in the afternoon. A click through rate (CTR) is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign by determining the number of users that clicked on a particular advertisement.

The bottom line is that there is generally higher Twitter engagement in the afternoon. If you want your message to be as effective as possible, you have a better chance of your tweets being seen in the afternoon. The more you’re noticed, the better chance you’ll receive more conversions and business. Of course, this is a general guideline and you may find that other times of the day are more effective for your business. Regardless, targeting the afternoon is a good place to start if you are new to Twitter.

Now that we know what time of day to target when starting out with twitter, we need to know if there are any specific days of the week that have more Twitter activity.

  • When To Tweet During The Week:

    According to another study by Dan Zarralla, there is far more Twitter activity as the week goes on. These peak on Thursdays and remain at a high level on Saturdays and Sundays.

Both of these factors show that if you want to grab the most attention at times when Twitter users seemed engaged in tweets and any links in those tweets, you want to tweet later in the day and later in the week. Which makes sense because, after all, who’s interested in looking at anything on Monday morning at 8 AM? Again, this is a general rule of thumb—a guideline to use when you are first starting out on Twitter. You must always assess your own results and determine when the best times are to tweet for your industry.

So, now that you know when to tweet you might be wondering if there’s an effective number of daily tweets you need to send out per day. Just as you don’t want to have too much or too little content on your website, you also don’t want too many or too few tweets per day.

  • Data shows that 22 tweets per day in an effective number to gain and maintain Twitter followers. The data suggests those who tweet between 10 and 50 times per day generally have more followers, but that 22 is the peak number for having the highest number of followers.

Just as your website needs to be maintained, so does your Twitter feed. Sometimes producing about 22 tweets per day can be difficult and time consuming. Fortunately there are many online marketing companies that can help you keep up with your Twitter feed and other social media outlets. Again, this specific number of daily tweets is a generalization. The main idea you should take away from this is that it’s important to regularly engage with Twitter.

There seems to be a lot of work that goes into using Twitter for your business. These basic guidelines can help you use your Twitter account more efficiently and productively—especially when you are just starting out or are not seeing results with your current Twitter activity. Twitter really does work in helping a business receive attention. The next blog in the series will show you case studies and examples of how Twitter has helped businesses. Stay tuned!