What to Post on Your Facebook Wall

Posting on FacebookThe previous two blogs in this Facebook series have covered some of the reasons why your business should have a Facebook profile, and the numbers of people on Facebook. Now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty: What to post on your Facebook wall to make it an effective form of social media advertising.

Facebook is all about creating an entertaining space where people can come to engage with your business. It’s really not rocket science. 🙂

It’s a Social Gathering…

You have to think about Facebook like a social gathering. Just like any social gathering people get bored really fast when all you talk about is you. People love to have an opportunity to talk about themselves and share things that are interesting to them. Provide that opportunity on your Facebook page.

…where you need to Start the Conversation…

Of course, generating conversation and interaction with your page takes time. Some good things to post on your wall include: fun facts related to your industry, links to useful information, multimedia and ask questions.

…and Reward your Fans with Special Offers and Deals

You can reward people’s interaction and grow your fan base by offering specials for Facebook fans only and giving them deals that aren’t offered anywhere else. By providing this incentive to engage on Facebook, you’ll make your page a place they visit frequently to ensure they aren’t missing out on anything.

There is really no specific formula or magic recipe to help you decide what to post on your Facebook wall. Just make your page as fun, engaging and informative as possible—without being pushy.

Facebook is a fun and effective social media platform that’s relatively easy to learn and understand. It’s a perfect place for your business to advertise. Just remember, like all social media, Facebook requires constant work to be successful at getting attention. The more attention you receive, the more chances these people will link back to your website and use your products or services.

Now that you have a general idea about what to post to your Facebook page, you need to know when to post. In all forms of social media, timing is definitely everything. Check out our next blog: When to Post on Your Facebook Wall.