What Should You Tweet?

If you’ve joined the wonderful world of Twitter, you might find yourself falling short of things to say—especially when you see the mound of tweets that some businesses and people seem to churn out every day. Don’t get panicked or think about quitting—just sit back, relax and take in some of this advice about what to tweet.

Share Your Day—not “I’m doing my laundry” or “headed to lunch now” updates. Those are more personal Facebook oriented.  What is it that you are interested in? Are you captivated by this article about online adv? Did something on the morning news catch your ear while you enjoyed your morning cup? As Chris Brogan says, “What has your attention?” That is the kind of status update people want to hear on Twitter. That gives them information.

Ask Questions—once you’ve got a solid base of people following you, get some feedback from them.  If you want to know how to improve something your business does or what people think about a certain aspect of something industry-specific, ask them! Social media has given people the ability to do their own field research at their own desks.

Share Articles—subscribe to regular newsletters in your industry or in an industry that is closely related to your business. Then, when you get something good in your email inbox, share it with your followers! Heck, if you want to really knock the socks off of your followers, pose a related question to introduce the article—that’s a two-for-one!

Give Tips—especially if you’ve already positioned yourself online as an expert. But, if you haven’t, giving tips is a great way to create your online reputation as an expert. Give useful tips that are informative and can be easily applied to your industry.

Whatever you decide to tweet, be sure you aren’t using Twitter solely for self-promotion or advertising. Twitter is about information, and people don’t want to be talked at—they want to engage in conversation. And if you can provide good, useful information for free, you might be the one with whom they choose to converse!