What is a Hyperlink?

hyperlinkVery simply, a hyperlink is a function that enables you to navigate within a website, within a page on a website or to a completely different website. The hyperlink is really the essence of the Web as it is the very thing that creates interconnections between information and resources online.

There are 4 main types of hyperlinks:

Navigational links:

are often incorporated into the design of a site; their purpose is to make it easy for people to find information within a site.


refers to links within the copy on your site that link to other pages on your site; their purpose is to help the search engines easily crawl and index the pages on your site while also making information easily accessible to people who visit your site.

Inbound links:

are links that come to your site from other sites.

Outbound links

are links on your site that direct people to resources on other web sites.

Each type of hyperlink is important. Since hyperlinks can aid in the functionality of your site; help the search engines easily crawl and index pages on your site; enhance user experience; and help boost your rankings in the search engines, each type should be carefully incorporated into your overall SEO strategy.

Building quality internal links and external links should be a part of every good search engine optimization strategy. When looking for a company to SEO your site, make sure link building is included in the services you receive. Link ninjas (a term used to refer to those who build a quality linking network for your site) provide ongoing service to ensure your site is well-connected.