What are Conversions?

What are Conversions?
When a client actually visits your site and turns into a paying customer (or takes the action you would like them to take), you have made a conversion. You can track your conversion rate with specialized monthly analytics of daily page views, monthly visitors, searched keywords, popular pages, and more.

Set It and Forget It

Although you may be tempted to build your Web site and let it work its online magic, you have to remember that your site is not a slow cooker. You can’t throw all of your ingredients in it, set the timer, and walk away until you’re hungry. A properly optimized Web site that actually converts potential clients into customers needs to be managed and updated regularly.

If your aim is increasing conversions, you have to know the steps to take for customers to trust your business. Remember, you’re not Amazon or eBay, and you can’t expect customers to find your site and automatically feel comfortable. Nurture your site and you’ll get the conversions you desire.

Use Your Resources

With advanced SEO techniques, social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Blogging), and PPC advertising, you have an endless array of opportunities to make and increase conversion rates—take advantage of them.


An experienced SEO firm can make all the difference for your Web site’s Internet presence. The process takes time, but it is well worth the wait. With a properly optimized site, you’ll increase your visibility with high rankings on search engines. Making your site accessible to the people who are already looking for the services or products you provide is the foundation of a strong conversion rate.

Social Media

People want to connect and communicate with each other now more than ever, and social media outlets have made this possible. With over 500 million active users on Facebook alone, your business needs to engage in the online conversation and spread the word of the benefits you offer.


PPC advertising can get your Web site the visibility you want quickly and efficiently; it should be used in conjunction with a solid SEO marketing strategy for the greatest success. Increased presence plus expert optimization is the formula for success online.

The purpose of your Web site is to reach more potential clients where they are looking for you. Conversions are dependent on your site’s ability to impress and build trust with potential customers. High traffic is good, increased conversion rates are better!