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How to Work with a Web Designer

Collaboration Tips for Creating a Professional Business Website

Since effectively working with a Web designer is crucial to the overall success of your website, you should consider the following tips before you begin working with a designer:

Give Design Some Thought

Before you consult with a Web designer, take some time to consider how you want your website visitors to perceive your company. A business wanting to appear friendly, down-to-earth and approachable will require an entirely different design concept than a company wanting to be perceived as cutting-edge and sophisticated. It is best to nail down this aspect of the design before meeting with a Web designer.

A good web designer doesn’t build an attractive design based on arbitrary considerations. Rather, a good web designer will gather information from you about the way you would like your company to be perceived. He or she will use this information to make careful decisions about your site’s color, style, fonts, images and image placement. Your designer’s decisions about these crucial details will be based on the best method of conveying your business’ message to your potential clients through design.

Do Your Part

Your feedback during the design process is vital to obtaining a professional, tailored website that meets your business objectives. In particular, you should maintain good communication with your designer so that you can promptly respond when he or she sends you a “mock up” (an image capturing what your site will look like with the new design), requests information or images, or needs more feedback from you. Specifically, your Web designer may ask you for:

  • Examples of Websites You Like
  • High-Resolution Images of Your Business, Staff or Product
  • High-Resolution Images of Your Company Logo
  • Your Existing Marketing Materials (If You Want Your Current Design to Match these Items)


Keep in mind that your site’s design is contingent on your approval and your website will not move forward until you provide your designer with the necessary feedback. To prevent delays in your website’s design, remain in good communication with your designer.

Don’t Rush

Designing and building a beautiful website doesn’t happen overnight. A custom site involves in-depth collaboration with your designer as well as significant work on his or her part. While maintaining proper communication with your designer and promptly returning his or her correspondence will prevent delays, don’t expect the process to move more quickly than it should. Ultimately, your website design necessitates careful planning and skillful crafting to yield a significant return on investment.

Remember: collaborating well with your Web designer ensures that you will obtain the website design that meets your business’ marketing goals and helps you get more clients!

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