How to Work with an Albuquerque Web Designer

The look and feel of your website can be the deciding factor as to whether visitors will stay or go; the decision to engage or click away is usually made in less than a second of visiting your site. That means that getting the design right the first time is an extremely important part of any Web marketing campaign.

Our experienced Web designers are professionals who are trained to create an online extension of your business that attracts and engages your target audience.

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When it comes to bringing your vision of a website for your business to life, it can be difficult to articulate the ideas and concepts to a designer. Below is some advice to help you communicate more effectively with your designer:

  • Look at other websites for ideas or inspiration. Make notes of the concepts, features and design themes that you like. Having this information available can help your designer understand the overall feel that you are going for. Do your best to be as specific as possible in order to make sure your designer knows exactly what you like.
  • Communicate openly and honestly. Your Albuquerque Web designer is eager to please you and won’t be satisfied until you are. If the theme isn’t quite right or you don’t like the initial mockup you’re sent—tell your designer. Give them specific feedback. Is the color choice off? Is the navigation not what you had in mind? Does the design lack the visual impact you were hoping to make? Honest, respectful conversations with your designer will allow them to create the website you had in mind for your business.
  • Have your resource materials available and, if possible, in their original format. Your Web designer will try to match logos, color schemes and other specifics to maintain the marketing theme of your business. These images or documents can help to keep the consistency of your marketing campaign through mediums. If you don’t have original files to send, it can make it difficult to present a professional image on your site.
  • Let your designer know what features you’d like incorporated into your site. Your Web designer will want to know if you prefer drop-down menus or a more dynamic HTML site. Do you want flash incorporated into the site? A pop up box that enables people to quickly get more information? Provide at least a few examples of existing sites with the features that you like.
  • Be consistent during the review process. Sometimes, everyone wants to give input into the final design for your website. You may tell your designer that you’re pleased with the site, only to show it to your staff that has another opinion which you then communicate with your designer. This can often lead to confusion and inconsistency—and possibly delay the delivery of your design.

The most important thing to remember is that your Web designer wants to make you happy—so it’s important to have patience during this process. Keeping the interactions between you and your designer consistent and open will only make the process more efficient and increase your satisfaction with your final product.

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