What is a Mobile Website?

mobile friendliness

A mobile website is a website for your business that is designed and optimized to be viewed on mobile devices.

Why is a Mobile Website Design Important?

Having a website that is fast and easy to navigate on a mobile device is becoming more and more important as the use of internet-enabled mobile devices grows. Without a mobile-friendly website, prospective customers could find that your website is:

  • Loading slowly
  • Unnavigable
  • Too large or too small to see
  • Difficult to use on a small screen
  • Difficult to use on a touch-screen

In order to be accessible to potential customers, your business’ website needs to load quickly, be easily viewable and be easy to use.

What it Takes to Create a Mobile Optimized Website

Designing a mobile website takes knowledge and understanding of what makes a website mobile-friendly. This includes:

  • Website design
  • Understanding which content takes priority
  • Avoiding mobile-unfriendly elements
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