Choosing Your Business’ Website Designer

Your company website is the online face of your business, and that face needs to make a good impression…so, your choice of website designer is important. You need a designer that can create a website that projects your unique image, supports search engine optimization and boosts conversions. It’s a tall order, but has been doing just that for all sizes of businesses for nearly 20 years!

What You Need Your Business Website to Doshopping for website design

Your website has two very important jobs:

  1. Rank well with the search engines so Internet searchers find you
  2. Entice viewers to stay, explore and convert to paying customers

Website design is essential to accomplishing both jobs. Website design done right supports SEO from the bottom-up. And, website design done well invites users to stay on your site longer and take the action you want them to take to move through your sales funnel.

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Comparing Website Designers

Website designers are not created equal. Here’s how the competition stacks up:

What’s offered by… Other website designers
Website design on search engine-friendly CMS  
Responsive/mobile-compatible design
Search engine preferred coding  
Search engine preferred schema  
Intuitive navigation/layout  
Images optimized for loading speed  
Images with optimized meta data  
Images carefully selected to build viewer trust  
Easy-to-read fonts
Attractive color scheme that reflects your business’ energy
Integrated social share icons/buttons

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