Building Mobile Website Designs

Statistics show that mobile usage just keeps increasing, and a growing number of people are exclusively using their smartphones and tablets to access the Internet. As a savvy business owner, you know that your business needs to be visible on mobile search results to get found these days. The first step to ranking well in mobile search results is to have mobile-friendly website design. builds websites to be mobile-friendly from the bottom up to ensure your SEO performance on all devices.

Why You Must Have Mobile Website Design

A few statistics are all it takes to show you why you must have mobile website design:

  • Close to 75% of American adults own a smartphone or tablet[1]
  • On average, smartphone and tablet owners spend 5 hours every day on their device[2]
  • By 2019, Americans will spend more minutes per day on their mobile devices than TV1

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the way that users access the Internet, search for the goods and services they want and engage with their social networks.

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How Mobile Website Design Is Different

At the very least, mobile website design allows your website to be automatically scaled for easy viewing on smaller screens. But mobile website design can and should do so much more to deliver a great user experience and enhance SEO.

Mobile website design should also:

  • Minimize images and graphics that distract users or make scanning/reading difficult
  • Optimize images to ensure the fastest loading speeds
  • Structure page layout and navigation to accommodate top-down scrolling and searching

Mobile website design also needs to implement the latest coding practices and data structures to boost search engine ranking potential.

The Right Way to Build Mobile Website Designs

Mobile website design cannot be an afterthought. As mobile usage and search overtake desktops, mobile website design should become your design priority. At, it is. We build websites to be mobile-friendly from the very start. Contact us for a free consultation and get the mobile website design you must have to compete.

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[2] Tech Crunch. U.S. Consumers Now Spend 5 Hours Per Day on Mobile Devices. 3 Mar 2017.