Converting Visitors into Clients

How Utilizing Managed Search Engine Optimization Services Can Increase Your Profit

paying customer holding moneySo, you’ve launched a new website. You’ve implemented your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. You’ve tracked your Web analytics.

The good news is: you have loads of traffic!

The not-so-good news is: you have nothing to show for it.

Getting a lot of traffic to your business website won’t do you any good unless those visitors take action once they arrive there.

Calculate Your Conversion Rate: Improve Your Online Strategy

Your conversion rate can tell you whether or not your online marketing campaign is paying off. In a nutshell, your conversion rate quantifies what percentage of your online visitors takes a desired action, whether this action involves purchasing a product, making a phone call, or booking an appointment depends on your marketing goals.

Your Conversion Rate can be calculated using this formula:

Number of Sales ÷ Number of Visitors × 100 = Your Conversion Rate

If you find your business transactions dropping below your desired conversion rate, maybe it’s time to implement a different online strategy so that you attract Internet users in your niche market.

Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Take heart!

Even though you aren’t rolling in the conversions right now, with a little elbow grease, you can be on top!

Improving a Web site’s conversion rate usually begins with these two steps:

Tantalize Visitors with Professional Web Design

You will be surprised how crucial attractive and user-friendly design is when it comes to making website conversions. In fact, since Internet users on average make up their mind about the relevance of a site in 1/20th of a second, your website’s design should be a major focus of your online marketing efforts so that your potential customers don’t “click off” before you have time to make your pitch.

Captivate Potential Customers with Well-Written Content

On the Web, “content is king.” Website visitors want to see that you are a real person. They want to see that you know your stuff. They want to see how you will fill their need. Impress your visitors with smart, savvy content that will not only give your site a professional edge, but that will establish you as an authority in your field!

Managed search engine optimization services can help you improve your website conversions by giving you the tools you need to track your website visitors’ behavior. Using sophisticated Web analytics software, you can learn what is preventing your visitors from buying from you—and what’s more—how to fix it!