Video’s Potential to Boost Business Online

videoA recent article by Emarketer shows an 18% increase in the use of video marketing amongst the top 100 online retailers between Q4 of 2009 and Q4 of 2010.

Why? Online videos are beneficial for both consumer and search engine algorithmic purposes. The major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo tend to rank pages that have videos higher than those that don’t. Videos also allow businesses to present product information and demonstrations to potential consumers in an attractive, easy-to-learn way.

Most online consumers don’t read the bulk of a website’s content which is why SEO content optimizers strive hard to create content that creates conversions without a lot of required reading. Many viewers in recent eMarketer studies indicated that they would prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read content.

This is important.

With the search engines taking a liking to sites providing videos, more top businesses implementing video, and consumers indicating that they prefer video over text, businesses hoping to make money online need to start thinking of ways to creatively implement online videos into their marketing strategies.

Benefits of Online Videos

Depending on the quality, video marketing campaigns can cost a bit more money than other campaigns such as e-mail and social media, but a well-thought-of campaign used in conjunction with these methods can create a highly profitable movement.

Online videos are stationary, meaning that they can be strategically placed and seen by any user who comes across their location. Ads on television are hit or miss; if a consumer doesn’t see them when they air, the opportunity for a sale is lost until the ad is re-run. Internet videos are also re-watchable; this is another benefit that online video marketing has over television ads.

Another important trait online videos have in marketing is that they have the potential to go viral. In the past, advertisers had to do a lot of research to try and figure out how to present a product to mass groups of T.V. viewers at once. Now, a creative video can be shared, re-watched and disseminated to hundreds if not thousands of online viewers through platforms like Facebook and Youtube.

The potential for marketers and businesses to reach greater populations of a target audience with online video marketing is humongous. A well organized budget and a few creative ideas could create exposure for your business amongst thousands and also give you a creative edge over your competition in the battle for top ranking positions in the major search engines; both of these things should be viewed as benefits to any business.