How to Make Your Web Site User Friendly

User Friendly Web Sites

You may have a Web site with strong visual appeal, but if visitors can’t easily find the content on your site, your Web site will not perform well for you. There needs to be a delicate balance between the aesthetics of your Web site and the usability of your Web site; form­­ should always follow function when it comes to Web site design. Use the tips below to improve the usability of your Web site.

Make sure your text is arranged well on the page.

Checking the typography on your site is one of the first things you should consider when assessing the usability of your Web site. Text should not only be arranged in small chunks that are easy to digest, but should also be in a font that is not difficult to read (see Elements of Good Web Design). Also, pay attention to the size of the letters on your site; anything smaller than a 10-point sans serif font will make it difficult for visitors to read the text on your site.

Make sure your content is easily accessible to your visitors.

The content on your site is one of the few ways you can convey a message to the people who visit your Web site. If visitors can’t find that all important information they will leave your site without ever knowing what you have to offer them. Two ways to easily manage the content on your site are to: 1) provide a database search tool for the articles on your Web site or 2) use an index to catalogue the articles on your Web site. Adding one or both of these features to your site will make it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for.

Make sure your site loads quickly.

Most Internet users will wait only a few seconds for a Web site to load. If a site does not load fast enough for a visitor they will leave without ever giving your Web site a chance. One way to make sure your site loads fast is to reduce the image sizes on your site. Large image files can bog down Web browsers and make it difficult for your site to load quickly.

Make sure you don’t have any broken links.

Broken links are bad for business. When a visitor comes to your site any link they click on should direct them to the information they are seeking. When a link does not work properly, it can hurt your online credibility. Be sure to check all the links on your site to make sure they work like they are supposed to.


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