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What to Avoid When It Comes to Web Design

What makes a great business website? Most designers (and users) agree that all sites should provide easy navigation, an uncluttered layout, quality content, and a professional appearance that exemplifies the very best of your brand.


How to Incorporate Personalization Into Your SEO Strategy

There is a massive amount of search data out there that provides insight into a user’s wants and desires every time they perform an online search. This data can include things like location, purchase history, the device  

How Machine Learning Impacts SEO

For SEO to be most effective, marketers must constantly innovate their practices. Search engine technology evolves at a rapid pace, which means your online marketing strategy must evolve right alongside it for the best results.


How Can Humor Be Used to Enhance Social Media Engagement?

While social media platforms were originally developed for personal use, they’ve since evolved into a highly effective tool for businesses. Social media allows your business to develop its own persona, and many huge corporate brands use humor to  

How to Perform SEO for Zero-Click Searches

When it comes to search engine trends, the internet landscape is constantly changing. One recent change that is perplexing for many online marketers are zero-click searches.

How Small Businesses Can Level the Internet Playing Field

The physical location of your small business has a direct impact on your success. If you’re located in a bustling urban center home to tons of foot traffic, chances are you’ll have a lot more patrons stopping by  

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