Tweet it Up: How Twitter Can Boost Your Business

Businessmen and a businesswoman portraitOver the past couple of years you’ve undoubtedly come across a mention of Twitter in some form. Whether it’s an advertisement for a business suggesting you follow them on Twitter for deals, or your kids trying to explain the use of Twitter (practical or otherwise), it’s a very important social media platform.

How important?

According to a 2011 Pew Research Center study, 13% of all online Americans use Twitter. That number may seem small, but when you convert that into the actual number of Americans that actively use Twitter, it comes close to 56 million users. That’s huge!

Knowing the numbers, how can Twitter help your business? It’s actually pretty simple. Twitter:

  1. Makes You Visible:

    The old adage is you do your best business on Main Street because you’re visible. Whether you’re a small town business or looking to expand to the regional or national market, potential customers need to know you exist! And remember the numbers—with Twitter you can potentially reach 56 million Americans (okay, so chances are you won’t interact with a fraction of that number, but the potential to reach a highly engaged and relevant audience is there)!

  2. Establishes You:

    Once you’ve become visible on Twitter, then what? An online marketing strategy that uses Twitter helps establish your business—not only as a business that exists, but as an industry expert via free advice like tips, pointers and links to resources that you provide your followers. Twitter is also a great advertising medium on which you can promote products, deals and specials. Use these to grow your customer base and attract new business. Establish your reputation!

  3. Lets You Engage:

     Once you’ve become visible and have an established online presence as a quality business, a third benefit for businesses comes in the form of engagement. You can interact with consumers and manage your online reputation as you cultivate a solid base of loyal customers. Take the pulse of your customer base—listen to their feedback, suggestions, and even complaints. Address any problems that may arise or even show your customers that you appreciate them with a simple “Thank you.” It’s an opportunity to really shine—don’t pass it up!

  4. May Increase your Website Ranking in the Search Engines:

    It’s true: social clout matters for SEO. The stronger your presence on social media platforms like Twitter, the stronger your chances are to rank well in the search engines and reach even more potential customers. As social authority becomes an increasingly important ranking factor, businesses need to make sure they are doing their part to show the search engines why their site should rank well.

Whether you only use Twitter for personal use, or have been avoiding it like the plague, it’s time to learn how social media marketing can help your business. Become active and engaged on Twitter—tweet up for business success!