New Ways to Keep Tabs on Twitter

Twitter is slowly rolling out new features that make the micro-blogging site more functional than ever!

screenshot of new twitter features

Instead of seeing the usual @mentions tab and Retweets tab, Twitter users will now see an @[username] tab and an Activity tab.

    @[username] Tab

    Under the @[username] tab, you now have access to all things pertaining directly to you on Twitter. That’s right! Mentions, retweets, new followers……it’s all there! No more clicking between tabs to keep track of all your conversations. Love it!

    Activity Tab

    The activity tab functions in a very similar way to the @[username] tab, except it provides you with information on your followers’ activity. This tab enables you to find out how and who your followers are engaging on Twitter, making it easy to connect with others .

These new tabs really streamline communications on Twitter and make keeping up with Twitter incredibly efficient.