@ButchCassidy – What if Twitter Was Invented in 1900?

In recent news, a lost manuscript purportedly written by famed western outlaw Butch Cassidy has been discovered. Though written under the name William T. Phillips, the manuscript claims that it is, in fact, an autobiography of Cassidy. Phillips became Cassidy’s alleged pseudonym after what he claims was his escape from a 1908 shootout in Bolivia during which his long-time partner The Sundance Kid was killed. Cassidy, meanwhile, lived a quiet unassuming life as a machinist in Spokane before dying of old age in 1937.Butch Cassidy

While historians and fans of western Americana are debating the authenticity of the manuscript and its claims, the question on everyone’s mind is: What if Butch had been on Twitter

      @Bolivia – Missed me! 😛

@EHHarriman Sorry about the trains. We cool?

Why’s everyone so bent out of shape about some Archduke getting shot?

LOL @Bolivia just declared war on @Germany. Look out @KaiserBill!

Ugh. Machinists make a lot less than bank robbers.

So mad. This whole buried loot thing was Sundance’s idea. #needleinahaystack

@Spokane – I know that whole City Beautiful movement was big like 20 years ago, but it’s not too late. #justsayin

I don’t see what’s so great about this damn depression.

#FDIC best law ever. Thanks @FDR, now robbing banks doesn’t hurt the little guy, just the bankers and feds!

Well, it’s official. I’m old and pert near broke. #crimedoesntpay

Wonder if they’ll ever make a movie about me and Sundance. They’ll never believe we jumped off that cliff! #goodtimes

If only social media had been around back then, we might be able to know for sure whether Butch survived into old age. At least we would if he’d used a verified account.