What to Do If You Have a lot of Traffic, but Not Much Business

Web Site Traffic

At the end of each month, you may pick up your analytics report and notice that, even though your sales are low, you have a great amount of traffic coming to your Web site. If this seems odd, you may have one of a few issues with your site that, if fixed, can increase your conversion rate.

Here are several helpful hints to ensure your clients receive the best possible experience from your site and want to purchase your service or product:

Find out how long visitors are staying. More important than the number of visits to your site is the length of time customers remain on your site. If they are landing on your homepage and leaving, they are not actually looking for your product or service. Clearly, your Web site is sending the wrong message. If people are remaining on your site but not buying, your site may have navigation issues.


Check your on-page optimization. Your homepage must impress potential clients in the blink of an eye; as they continue to explore your site, you must continue to impress them through a properly optimized page. Use the checklist below to ensure your pages’ quality:

  • Be sure that your company’s name and phone number are clearly visible at the top and bottom of the page.
  • Check that your services or products’ descriptions and locations are clearly marked so customers can find what they want instantly.
  • Examine how much information you provide. Too much and too little can both have adverse effects on clients.
  • State your call to action. Whatever action (call, click, watch, etc.) you want your clients to take should be clearly asserted.
  • Use pleasant colors. If clients arrive at your site and don’t want to look at the page because of the color scheme, they will leave as quickly as they came.

Give clients an incentive to buy. Nothing is more appealing to customers than a discount or other special offer accompanying their purchase. This shows that you appreciate your customer’s business, and they will more than likely return because of the value of your product or service and your business.


Manage your online reputation. If you have checked and rechecked your site for flaws and can’t find an issue, there may be an external problem. Perhaps there is a poor review of your business that you are unaware of or another company is offering a similar product at a lower price. Negative publicity can hurt your online reputation just as easily as positive publicity can help.

When you know you have a quality product or service and just can’t seem to get the business you need, use these hints and consult an experienced Search Engine Optimization firm.