How to Track your Return

Receiving Search Engine Optimization Proof

tracking roi and money on keyboardOne of the most important aspects of a business’ marketing strategy involves tracking how much it costs to bring in new clients.

Ideally, you want to receive a strong ROI for your marketing campaign. However, if your marketing dollar isn’t track-able (i.e., you can’t determine how much you are spending per sale/lead), you may not be able to properly evaluate your marketing methods.

For example, if you spend $1,200 a month on a Yellow Pages ad, you don’t know how many people are actually coming into contact with your advertisement, or how many of those people convert into sales. The Yellow Pages company may be able to give you an estimate of how many eyes will view your ad, and you may be able to see an increase in sales as a result of your marketing strategy, but you won’t know—dollar for dollar—what your marketing campaign costs per sale, or how many new clients you receive as a result of your marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trumps other forms of marketing because with SEO, you can track your investment dollar for dollar.

With SEO, sophisticated Web analytics make possible the ability to learn everything there is to know about your Web visitor’s activity so that you can verify that your marketing budget is well spent.

In addition, by providing target=”_blank”>ongoing Web analytics tracking, your SEO company can tailor your site to meet the demands of your niche market.

Track your ROI to Measure Your Success

SEO companies utilize sophisticated tracking software to monitor the activity of your website visitors. From your Web analytics, you can gather a lot of information about the health of your marketing strategy, including:

Unique Visitors

With Web tracking analytics, you can learn how many of your website visitors are finding you through the major search engines and how many are typing in your URL directly. Those Internet users who are typing your URL into their Web browser may be existing clients or at least already know about your business. In SEO, what you want to know is how many new website visitors you are attracting with your site. Web analytics can give you these figures so that you can see proof of what search engine optimization is doing for you.

Sales Conversions

With Web analytics, you can track how many of your website visitors convert into clients through add-on phone-call tracking. Additionally, you will know exactly how many people are filling out your contact form after viewing your website. Together, this tracking gives you an accurate accounting of your sales conversions.

In addition to tracking unique visitors and sales conversions, Web analytics can tell you a number of other things about your website and your potential customers. For example, you can track how long a person stays on a particular page, which pages receive the most traffic, the path people take to reach your website, and which key term phrases Internet users type into search engines to find your site!

Adapt Your Site to Attract More Customers!

Through ongoing maintenance and sophisticated tracking, SEO companies can tailor your site to meet the changing needs of your customers. Since SEO companies track which key term phrases Internet users type into search engines to find your site, if you are not receiving targeted traffic for a particular phrase, the site can be changed to reflect the demand of your niche market and help you achieve efficient search engine optimization rank.