Top Ten Search Engine Optimization Tips–#10 Analytics

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So, if you’re curious about what components are essential to a strong SEO campaign, we invite you to read on as we countdown our top ten search engine optimization tips for successful SEO! Over the next ten days, we’ll be providing you with a tip a day to help you find a quality SEO firm in which to invest and entrust your site.

As you read through these tips, it is important to be aware that no single tip can provide you with solid results in the search engines. Effective SEO is a combination of these and many other important components such as  good Web design, site engineering, and constant maintenance which  ensures that your site complies with the ever-changing rules and standards of the major search engines.

Today, we start at tip #10.


Online marketing is unique because it enables you to track your investment dollar for dollar; analytics is the key to tracking your progress. When you hire a premier search engine optimization company, they should offer you >regularly scheduled analytics reports that provide you with valuable information such as:

  • How many people visit your site each month
  • Where the people visiting your site are coming from
  • What key term phrases were used to get them to your site
  • What they do on the site when they are there
  • Which pages they spend the most amount of time on
  • Which pages they spend the least amount of time on
  • And more

With regular reports, you are able to make necessary tweaks to fine-tune your site’s SEO and improve your users’ experience. When you know specifics about your users on each page, you are able to narrowly focus your key term phrases and calls to action. These can help you turn potential clients into paying customers. Of course, that’s the ultimate goal of SEO—getting you more clients and increasing conversions.

Remember, analytics is just data. In order to accurately use those numbers to increase conversions, you must know how to interpret them. Reputable SEO services will accurately interpret the data and help you understand how to use those numbers effectively.

Be sure to read our post tomorrow to find out tip #9 in our countdown of the top ten search engine optimization tips for premium search engine optimization.