Top Ten Search Engine Optimization Tips—#8 Sitemaps

Man drawing an organization chartWith a successful track record of delivering quality SEO services to our clients, we continue to provide information to help you get the most out of your SEO services. Our countdown of the top ten search engine optimization tips gives you the knowledge you need to be an informed consumer. So far, we’ve talked about why analytics and meta descriptions are important components of any SEO package.

Today we discuss tip #8.


Sitemaps are exactly what the name indicates—a map of your website. Just like any map, a sitemap makes it easy for users or spiders—programs designed to crawl your site—to navigate your page and find the information they need quickly. This is why your website needs a well-crafted sitemap.

Good sitemaps are the foundation of good website structure.  It is absolutely necessary for results-driven SEO because it enables the major search engines to easily index every page on your site. This increases your chances of being found in the search engine results pages (SERPs) when potential clients use relevant key term phrases in their searches.

Sitemaps are also a great resource for people who visit your site. With a well-constructed sitemap, someone who visits your site will never feel lost; they’ll always know exactly where they are and how to easily access desired information. By carefully integrating your sitemap with other highly relevant SEO tools, your site will get more targeted traffic resulting in more clients for your business.

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