Top Ten Search Engine Optimization Tips–#6 Internal Linking

Business banking websiteAs an ethical SEO service, we continue to give you what we consider to be the SEO top ten. If you’ve missed the last few days, we have talked about:

10. Analytics

9. Meta Descriptions

8. Sitemaps

7. URLs

Today, we move on to tip #6.

Internal Linking

If you’ve been hanging around the SEO block for some time, you have probably heard about linking. Though much emphasis is placed on external linking, it is important to remember that internal linking can help boost your rank with major search engines, too!

Internal linking refers to the links on each of your web pages that direct users to another page on your site. These links, created with anchor text, do a few things to help your SEO. One very important aspect of internal linking is helping spiders index your site. When spiders are able to easily index your site, major search engines are more likely to understand your site’s purpose and content.

Another important aspect of internal linking is showing search engines which pages within your site are most important. For example, every web page of your site should link back to your home page; this indicates the importance of that page. The more internal links a page has, the more importance it carries with search engines.

As always, let’s not forget our users. While it is important to appeal to search engines, it is also very important to keep our users happy. When you create links throughout your website that allow users to easily navigate to relevant information, you are more likely to provide a satisfying user experience and increase conversions.

Be sure to read our blog tomorrow as we discuss our #5 tip on our countdown!