Top Ten Search Engine Optimization Tips–# 5 Header Tags

Close-up of computer monitorBecause of our successful track record with SEO, we have decided to share with you some tips to help you succeed online! For the past five days, we have been counting down our top ten SEO tips to prepare you for what to expect with an SEO service. So far we’ve discussed:

10. Analytics

9. Meta Descriptions

8. Sitemaps

7. URLs

6. Internal Linking

Today, we move on to our #5 tip.

Header Tags

Header tags label the titles and other important headings within your copy as important; they’re part of the html code and are designated by <h> tags. It is crucial to remember that the content placed within header tags is given significant ranking consideration by the search engines.  When your site is being crawled, having relevant header tags gives the spiders a quick reference to what’s important on each page.

Header tags can also serve the dual purpose that all good SEO should—appeal to both search engines and users. When you choose keyword phrases for your header tags, human and electronic users’ needs are both satisfied. Human users will see that your page may be relevant because the title and/or subheadings contain their searched keyword phrases. Search engines are also pleased since you’ve made relevant information readily available to their spiders. With well-constructed header tags used in conjunction with other crucial elements of SEO, your ranking should improve.

Don’t forget to read our blog tomorrow as we continue to count down the top ten search engine optimization tips!