Top Ten Search Engine Optimization Tips–#3 External Linking

ChainAs a reliable SEO company, we are happy to continue our countdown of the top ten SEO tips designed to ensure you are getting what you deserve from your SEO service. As we make our way to number one, let’s not forget what we’ve covered so far:

10. Analytics

9. Meta Descriptions

8. Sitemaps

7. URLs

6. Internal Linking

5. Header Tags

4. Title Tags

Today we talk about tip #3.

External Linking

External linking is the process of strategically linking your site with other reliable sites. The goal of external linking is to show the search engines that your site is a valuable resource because of the number of quality sites that link to you.

External linking can deliver tremendous results for your website if done ethically and responsibly. Major search engines see external links as vouchers in the online world. So, if you place a link to another website on one of your pages, you are awarding it your seal of approval. Linking creates a sense of online community and helps bolster improved page ranking for the sites receiving quality backlinks.

Linking with other sites, especially a diverse variety that your competitors may not link with, can provide your users with helpful resources at the click of a mouse. However, you must ensure the quality and relevance of the websites to which you link. Quality rather than quantity is far more important when it comes to linking (both sites that you link to and sites that link to you); you may face negative consequences to your page ranking if you do not assess the quality of your external links.

We know that success comes from our readers, so tell us what you think about external linking on websites and its usefulness to users by posting comments below.

And remember to check in with us tomorrow as we deliver #2 in the top ten SEO tips for your website.