Top Ten Search Engine Optimization Tips–#1 Key Term Phrases

web marketing - search engine tool conceptWelcome to the final installment of our countdown! We have spent the last nine days sharing with you our top ten tips for premier search engine optimization. These include:

10. Analytics

9. Meta Descriptions

8. Sitemaps

7. URLs

6. Internal Linking

5. Header Tags

4. Title Tags

3. External Linking

2. Copywriting

Yesterday, we discussed the importance of high-quality, compelling copywriting for the electronic and human audience.  A crucial element needed within the copy is the strategic incorporation of our #1 tip:

Key Term Phrases

Key term phrases, or keywords, refer to the search words used to find the goods or services individuals need. When writing quality copy for your website, it is important to know how users are searching for you. By conducting thorough keyword research, you can discover the most prevalent words used and strategically incorporate them into your copy; doing so can provide your site with crucial visibility to search engines and users.

When a search engine spider—a program designed to crawl Web sites—sees that specific key term phrases appear naturally throughout your website, it begins to realize that you may deserve high ranking on the SERPs for those phrases. Used in conjunction with other vital elements of the SEO process, keyword usage can help you impress the search engines and rise through the ranks.

Additionally, when a user sees their keywords or phrases in the displayed snippets underneath of the SERPs listing or in the title tag, he or she is much more likely to visit your page. Knowing the search term is present on your site and used relevantly helps give users the confidence they need to trust your site.

Utilizing effective copy and keywords can increase the desired targeted traffic to your website, create a trusting relationship with users and search engines, and, ultimately, increase conversions. Understanding users’ search habits is a key factor in successfully optimizing your site and becoming the online authority in your field.

Now that we have concluded our countdown, we want to hear from you! Did you enjoy our top ten search engine optimization tips? What was helpful to you? Let us know what you think by commenting below.