Top 10 Tips to Revolutionize your Social Media

149005064In honor of Independence Day, we’ve put together our list top ten tips to revolutionize your business on social media:

    1.    Be real

    This is one of the most important—and most overlooked—components of social media. The key to success is to open up and let people identify with your business. Take the time to develop a persona for your company before launching your social media campaign. Remember: people can spot phony a mile away. Be genuine.

    2.    Engage

    Engagment demands real-time monitoring. If a potential client sent you an email or left you’re a voicemail, you wouldn’t ignore it. You’d follow up. Social media demands the same attention. It is not a set-it-and-forget-it marketing solution.

    3.    Reach out

    Spend time reaching out to others in your industry as well current and potential clients. Try to build relationships. This will help you establish a solid online network that ultimately drives results.

    4.    Laugh at yourself

    You are going to make mistakes. And it’s okay. 🙂

    5.    Provide useful information—for free

    Too many businesses approach social media like it’s an online billboard. It’s not. Find ways to be relevant to your target audience. Providing useful information for free is a good place to start.

    6.    Be respectful

    Regardless of the tone and style you want your business to adopt, be respectful. A flippant comment made without much thought can yield a firestorm of opposition that could negatively impact your business.

    7.    Operate within the cultural norms of each platform

    Whether you’re making connections on LinkedIn, building an audience on Facebook or gaining followers on Twitter, be aware of the unique social system in which you are operating. People have very different expectations for communication depending on which platform you’re on.

    8.    Focus on others

    Social media is not an online bullhorn. Don’t be shouting your offers or singing your praise too often or you’ll turn people off. Instead, focus on the needs and interests of others.

    9.    Promote your social media presence at all consumer touch points

    Social media does not reside in a vacuum. For ultimate success, promote awareness of your social media presence in all of your marketing—offline and online.

    10. Have fun

    Social media should be a fun place to engage with your target audience. Your audience will notice and join in!

    Of course, social media demands time—and the greatest success comes from strategically planning the best way to reach your target market online.

From all of us at, we hope you have a safe and happy Independence Day!