Tips for Using Google+

Tips for Google+

Google+ is (relatively) new. It’s cool. It’s fresh. And it’s yet another social network that businesses need to learn how to use. Since it’s social in nature, there are no hard and fast rules on how to succeed (just like there are no hard and fast rules on how to succeed in life). But there are some general principles that can help move you in the right direction toward maximizing your presence on Google+.

Here are a few quick tips for businesses new to actively engaging on Google+:

  • Organize your circles. Have a different message you want to communicate with potential clients than you do with established and loyal clients? Google+ enables you to segment your audience so you can send targeted messages to people.
  • Use Unique Google+ Tools to Engage. The most noteworthy tool for businesses is the opportunity to ‘Hangout’ with your target audience using live video chats.
  • Be Consistent. Make sure you know what message you’re sending to your audience, and keep it along the same lines. Switching up your online image all the time can leave users feeling less connected to you and your business.
  • Be Interesting. Okay, we know that’s easier said than done, but don’t just talk about yourself on Google+. Use the platform as a way to show people the personal side of your business. Focusing your message on consumers’ needs—without blatantly promoting yourself all the time—is a good place to start. Be genuine.
  • Respond quickly to customers. You can do this by posting links, videos, or just responding to them with an answer. Any way you do it, make sure that you’re always monitoring your page for updates.

Developing a strategic plan for reaching audiences on Google+ is important for any business. Does that mean you should stop using Facebook? No. Does that mean you should stop engaging the Twitterverse? No. It means you need to have a multi-faceted approach to social media marketing to meet consumers where they are.