Things Every Business Needs to Know About Facebook

Facebook has become more than just a sharing platform for friends and family, it has become a marketing giant for business promotion and sales. By enabling you to target specific demographics and geographical areas, you can reach an audience that’s engaged and interested in the products and/or services you provide!

But, Facebook is constantly updating, changing and finding new ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the social site. So, it is crucial to stay up-to-date on recent developments and facts that can help with the success of your Facebook marketing initiative.

Did you know…

  • Facebook has over 699 million active users and 819 million mobile users.
    With this many users, Facebook could be its own country! As a business owner, it is imperative that your company is on Facebook. Think of all the traffic you’re missing out on if your business isn’t utilizing the social site. This is potential traffic that can turn into recurring clientele and/or sales for your company.
  • One minute out of seven is spent on Facebook.
    People are constantly browsing through their news feed, seeing advertisement after advertisement, post after post. Your business needs to take advantage of the time people spend on Facebook by advertising and posting on a regular basis.
  • Facebook is watching.
    If a person is signed into Facebook (this also goes for those accessing Facebook on a mobile device), Facebook tracks everything a person is looking at or clicking on when searching the web. That’s right! They don’t just have access to information about what people do on their site, but what people browse for when surfing the Internet! The data from these searches are collected and utilized in targeting specific audiences for Facebook advertising. This can be beneficial to your business when you want to target a certain demographic or geographic area for promotion.
  • Any person with a Facebook account can download their entire history from the site—at any time.
    People are constantly sharing, posting and talking about their lives on Facebook, giving them the ability to document their lives. Which means Facebook can be a great tool to promote your business by word-of-mouth. When people share and engage with content from a business page, it becomes integrated into the fabric of their public life experiences, creating awareness as that content becomes visible to their entire network.
  • Facebook is always changing their style and look.
    Facebook has had several different looks over the years as it seeks to remain a relevant and valuable site for people to connect with others.

People utilize Facebook in some way, every day. This type of channel gives you the ability to target, reach, and find the potential clientele your business may be looking for. But managing a successful Facebook presence takes time. Time to learn the rules and regulations, time to create posts, time to engage, time to develop ads, time to monitor….time most business owners just don’t have.

At, we’re proud to help busy business owners reap the benefits of a solid Facebook presence. We’d be happy to talk with you about developing a strategy to meet your business goals and design a plan to maintain your Facebook presence in a way that doesn’t take more time you don’t have.

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