The Real Truth About SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is complex, and it’s made even more complicated by the frequent changes to Google search algorithms. In order to keep up, SEO experts need to adjust their tactics. Here are a couple of big changes in today’s SEO — and what you need todo to keep up!

Links Still Matter

Although no longer the end-all and be-all of search engine optimization, backlinks still play a role in the rank of a site. Links are Google’s way of evaluating the relevancy of content, which in turn affects the page rank of the website. However, businesses need to look at them as more than just links with associated text, if they look to improve their page rankings.

Google analyzes various factors such as the number of hits the links and the associated text get to evaluate if it is relevant and sparks interest, before setting page ranks. So what businesses need to do is to look beyond link-building strategies to focus on linking back to relevant and useful content for better rankings. Low-quality content and links can lead to Google penalties.

Marketing for Search EnginesThe Mobile SEO Checklist

Considering how nearly half the searches are carried out through mobile devices, and Google has begun rewarding sites with higher rankings if they are mobile-friendly, clearly your mobile SEO strategy needs to go beyond simply incorporating responsive design elements.

Business owners should pay attention to optimizing local SEO, tailoring mobile site to location, easy share ability options, effortless navigation controls and such, while working on their mobile SEO. All of these factors are important, and will become even more important as mobile usage continues to grow.