The Chile Guy

“When I came to SonicSEO, I had a strong presence in a narrow segment of the food industry; I wanted to expand and SonicSEO assured me they could help. In a short period of time, SonicSEO has done a great job creating an image of my company that demonstrates our capacity to handle business on a national and international scope. They have broadened my online presence in such a way that my customer base has expanded beyond anything I could have hoped for! In fact, my success rate on sales gained as a direct result of my website has increased by over 125 percent! My experience with SonicSEO has truly been a great one. Before SonicSEO, I had a lifeless placeholder website that did nothing for my business. With SonicSEO, my website has life and has become a significant part of my business activity.

The most important thing in my business is having every activity generate revenue. It does no good to have large numbers of visitors to your website and not convert a good percentage of them to sales. Based on my credit card business alone my sales have increased over 500%. Roger and the team at have held my hand through the process and brought me increased traffic as a result. I highly recommend Sonic to anyone who is interested in leveraging their web presence into meaningful business.”

Mark Sanchez, The Chile Guy (Owner)