The Avengers: SEO Style

Super SEO Powers

Super Hero SEO Powers

The Avengers started the summer movie season with a bang this past weekend, shattering records like Thor’s hammer shatters glass. If you’ve seen the movie (or even a preview), you know that the members of the Avengers work together as a team to save the world from destruction. At, we’re a lot like the Avengers!

Okay, so we’re not really superheroes, and we don’t go around saving the world in tights. Well, maybe some of us do (we’re looking at you, SonicGuy), but we wouldn’t call pulling cats out of trees saving the world, exactly. . .

But our team knows SEO and internet marketing, and they do it really well!

And the similarities are astounding—aren’t they? 🙂


Ironman uses cutting-edge technological tools like the Ironman suit to fight evil.

In addition to becoming overnight YouTube sensations, at, we use technological business tools to stay on the cutting edge of online marketing technologies like SEO, web design, and social media for business. Technological business tools like these help your business’ online presence stay visible and reach as many potential customers as possible.


Hawkeye uses arrows and exceptional marksmanship to defeat his enemies. Archery requires you to hit a target precisely, and our aim is to hit your target audience —converting visitors into customers.

Black Widow

We don’t have elite spy skills at, but we do have elite SEO skills! We know what goes into a successful internet marketing campaign, and we wield that knowledge to get your business results on SERPs, social media, and conversions.

Captain America

Just like Captain America, we fight on the side of good! We only employ white hat techniques to get results for your business!

The Sonic Avengers

We may not have superpowers to wipe out your competition (although we can give you an advantage over your competition on the search engine results pages!). And we don’t have a mythical hammer to hit them over the head with (SonicGuy is already on it). But just like the Avengers, our team packs a punch in the online marketing world. Our team of SEO experts, Copywriting pros, Link Building ninjas and Web Design marvels work together to get great results!

Besides, even though he hasn’t quite saved the world yet, our SonicGuy does bear a striking resemblance to Captain America!