Blast from the Past: Technology Gems We all Remember and Love!

Past TechnologyNo need to hop in your DeLorean and fire up the flux capacitor to remember some of THE technology beauties from the 90s. Reminisce about the gadgets you used to love (and maybe still do)! We have your list right here!

In no specific order (because all of them were equally awesome), we have those tech-gadgets from the 90s that were sure to impress anyone on the block!

  1. Motorola StarTAC. Yes, the flip phone of the 90s. This beauty created a fashion statement for every person carrying it, hanging off the waist, of course.
  2. Tamagotchi. A classic staple on the must-have tech list from the 90s. This interactive keychain let you take care of a virtual pet, but don’t forget to feed him or her—they will beep at you.
  3. Sony Discman. Play your compact discs on the go! This small piece of technology made huge leap after delivering awesome bass and anti-shock features. Skipped music became a thing of the past.
  4. Apple iMac G3. The first ever iMac that offered an all-in-one PC. Where’s the tower? Oh wait, there isn’t one. This masterpiece came in five different colors, and set the bar for desktop computers.
  5. The Floppy Disk. Saving documents? Floppy disk had you covered. Before the cloud, Dropbox or USBs, floppy disks were your solution to saving midterms, essays and even how you played the Oregon Trail.
  6. Nokia 5110. Everyone owned this phone. Case to match your outfit? No problem. This awesome cell phone allowed you to mix and match all the time. It also is home to one of the most infamous ringtones of all time.
  7. TI-83 Graphing Calculator. A calculator that saved many high school and college students through algebra, calculus, and equations you didn’t want to do in your head! Who doesn’t remember this awesome piece of technology?!
  8. Panasonic DVD-L10 Portable DVD Player. The first ever portable DVD player. Great for traveling, but heavy to carry. A perfect gadget for the movie-lover.
  9. Nintendo Game Boy. The iPod of its time, this hand held gadget offered fun to any child! Can anyone say Tetris? Probably the best game to past the time.
  10. TiVo. The perfect partner to watch a TV with and THE substitute to recording your favorite shows via VCR. No need to rush home, TiVo was there to record the finale you were waiting to see!

Of course we couldn’t list all of the greats from the 90s, but the list does go on from the pocket PC to the first laptop to the first digital camera. The 90s was full of tech achievements, which gadget was your favorite?