Teamwork: The SonicSEO Way

Search engine optimization is a big job—and it’s getting bigger all the time. Too big for one person to do a truly effective job, we think. Sales, site plan development, copywriting, link-building, traffic and backlink analysis, meta-tagging, keyword research, image optimization, web design, website maintenance—the list goes on.  That’s why we feel that teamwork is the best approach to quality SEO.

Experts in Everything

With a team approach, our clients get access to experts in all fields of SEO. We have expert link builders, expert copywriters, expert analysts, expert web designers—you get the picture. With each of our team members specializing in one specific area, no one has to worry about handling aspects of the job at which they are less skilled or experienced.


If you’ve only got one or two people working on your site, then the approach they take will be necessarily limited to their own points-of-view or limitations. That’s not to say a solo SEO operation can’t do a good job. But given the complexity of SEO as it is constantly evolving, we think it’s a tremendous benefit to have access to the collective knowledge of a whole team. Sometimes all it takes to solve a seemingly insurmountable problem is a fresh viewpoint.

Cumulative Experience

SEO has only been around for about 15 years. But combined, we have over 60 years of experience in the industry. We’ve all learned a lot—and when we bring all that knowledge and experience together, amazing things can happen!

Dedication to Success

When one person is putting their all into achieving a goal, that’s a good thing. When a whole team is pulling in the same direction toward a single goal—well, that’s even better. At, that’s exactly what we bring to the table. We don’t succeed until your web site succeeds. And we all like to succeed.

By working together as team, our clients get the best out of all of us. And by getting our best, they see results on the SERPs, and, more importantly, on their bottom line.