The Spooky Myths about Search Engine Optimization

witch conjuring website seo mythsAs we all know, October is a time for spooky tricks and treats, so while tall tales fill the air, is here to debunk those impractical, but common SEO myths you hear every day.

As a business owner, you should be aware of the SEO urban legends that surround the world of Internet marketing before you invest your money. Take the time to learn about search engine optimization.

Myth #1: SEO Happens Overnight

Search engine optimization is a process. SEO doesn’t happen by the flip of switch. Good SEO takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. Some companies will claim that they are Google’s preferred partner, and can help your website rank in a matter days.

Pump the brakes before you sign the dotted line. These types of companies don’t partner with Google, and practice black hat SEO. These types of SEO techniques can get your site removed, and damage your online reputation.

If a SEO company promises your website will sky rocket in ranking, it will be due to bad SEO practices. Promises shouldn’t be made. A smart SEO company will help you rank for relevant search queries and help convert website traffic into clientele.

Myth #2: SEO means Ranking for Every Keyword and Location

Utilizing SEO techniques means my website will rank for every keyword phrase in every location, dominating all searches for my industry. This is impossible unless you’re a well-recognized brand like Coca-Cola or Apple.

Every business is different. A good Internet marketing company understands what is unique about your business. They understand what services and locations are most effective to your business’s success, and use these findings to build your website’s profile, increase your rankings and improve your overall profits/sales.

Myth #3: SEO is a One-Time Deal

If done correctly, SEO can have long-lasting results; however, this doesn’t mean your website should never be looked at again. Your website and SEO must be maintained.

Google updates their algorithms every chance they get, meaning your website needs to be updated, and tailored to the latest standards and expectations of the search engines. Your website needs to grow.

Myth #4: SEO takes No Client Participation

Yes, of course client participation matters. Your input is necessary. As a business owner, you understand how your business works, the image it should reflect and the target audience you are trying to reach.

Participating in the creation of your website and the SEO process is essential to a successful Internet marketing campaign.

Myth #5: Social Media doesn’t help my SEO

SEO is a technique that takes several tactics and strategies in order to help your website rank, which may mean integrating other Internet marketing platforms into your campaign.

Social media is a smart way to not only improve your website rankings, but also add assistance in your brand recognition. Blogging is also helpful, providing free advice to your target audience. PPC can lead customers directly to your services by the click of a button, but does involve paying for searches and click-throughs. However, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest all provide interaction with potential clientele and current customers.

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