Social Media Isn’t Just Chatter—it’s an SEO Booster!

As more businesses turn to online marketing, the popularity of search engine optimization for websites is growing. While this is great news for the SEO industry and the business owners who are getting well optimized sites, it has made the process of obtaining and maintaining high page rank in the SERPs increasingly difficult.

Now that more websites are clamoring to show up high on the SERPs, what is your business going to do take your SEO to the next level?

We’ve got your answer: social media.

How Twitter Can Help Your SEO Efforts

As Search Engine Land has pointed out in recent blogs, major search engines have admitted to using social search features to assist them in ranking regular search results.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that if you and your competitor both have exceptionally optimized sites, the one of you that has established him or herself as an authority figure on Twitter might get the higher ranking.

Major search engines take into account authority of people on Twitter, links that are “endorsed” by those authoritative people through retweets and the amount of retweets links get.

How Facebook Can Help Your SEO Efforts

Though it appears that Twitter is more widely used as a ranking consideration by major search engines, there is also great online value for businesses with successful Facebook pages.

For one, we cannot forget the relationship that Facebook and Bing established late last year that uses your friends’ “Likes” of business pages on Facebook to give you “recommended” search results when you type in key word phrases. That is one way that Facebook can significantly help your SEO.

Additionally, major search engines have said that finding authoritative Facebook pages can sometimes be considered in certain cases. Though, this is speculative according to Search Engine Land. Even if Facebook is used in this way, it is on a much smaller scale than Twitter.

Don’t Discount the Human Factor

Regardless of search engines using Facebook, let’s not forget that SEO is something that works best when it appeals to both search engines AND people. Interacting with potential and existing customers online provides you with a unique relationship and connection to your target markets.

Furthermore, having a reputable and far-reaching presence online can help you with your reputation management.

Don’t wait for everyone else to beat you to it—decide to boost your SEO with a great social media strategy and stay a cut above your competition!