The Importance of Social Media and Word-of-Text Recommendations

man with megaphoneSome startling statistics and assertions have been put forth regarding the importance of Social Media sites in a recent article by eMarketer, one of the leading Internet marketing analysis sites.

Data produced by The Global Web Index asserts that online users use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to disseminate information rather than create it. Surveys also indicated that online consumers trust in friend recommendations via social media sites increased by over 50%.

What does this mean? It means that if word-of-mouth recommendations are still considered to be an effective marketing method, which they are, then companies better get on board with using Facebook and Twitter as platforms for creating trustworthy word-of-text recommendations.


Trust is one of the key ingredients that must be established with a consumer in order for them to purchase a product or service. Potential customers want to feel like the product they are investing in is high quality and that the company they are purchasing from is stable and reputable.

Many consumers first go to friends, family and colleagues for suggestions regarding the products or services they are searching for during the purchasing process—because they trust these types of sources. What does this mean? Recommendations from trustworthy sources matter.

With a 50% increase in the numbers who find social media recommendations trustworthy, it is important for companies to recognize the impact that a strong presence in the social media world could have on their profits.


Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are notorious for their “followers” and “friends” features. Individuals who sign up for a profile page are given the ability to become friends with other users and other users can request to become friends with them. This creates a network that could expose your company’s products to hundreds if not thousands in the event that a happy consumer decides to publically recommend your company in a Facebook update or Twitter tweet.

A free ad from a satisfied customer could not only create exposure for your company, but act as a highly reputable recommendation given the recent statistics mentioned above.

Smart and Effective Social Media Marketing (SMM)

While getting online and creating a business profile (if you haven’t already done it) is valuable, it’s only the beginning to obtaining online business success with social media platforms. Conducting a social media campaign is time consuming and requires a high degree of creativity. Most business owners do not have the time to run a proper SMM campaign alone.

Many professional Web marketing firms are now offering specialized SMM services to their clients in conjunction with their traditional services. These companies understand that SMM and SEO have a symbiotic relationship: SMM is being used to influence SEO and vice-versa. These two marketing methods used in conjunction with one another are being increasingly viewed as a potent mixture for achieving online success. Want to get more clients? Start thinking about ways to create exposure for your company in both the organic listings and in the social media community.