How to Make Effective Videos for your Social Media Promotions?

videoVideos are an effective tool for social media marketing, and when done right they can really amp your promotional strategy. As videos become more popular across sites like Facebook and Twitter, taking advantage of the trend can be a smart move for some businesses. Consider these tips for making effective videos for your social media promotions:

  • Keep the duration of the videos short. The ideal length for promotional videos is under five minutes. If you can pare it down under a minute, even better. The longer a video runs, the less likely your audience is to stick around for the end.
  • Make your videos simple yet interesting. Before you begin, take some time to create an interesting narrative. Create a story that begins with a problem your audience can relate to and ends with a solution that can be achieved through the use of your products or services.
  • Make a strong statement right away. Ensure that the beginning of the video grasps the viewers’ attention and don’t wait for the 2-minute mark to deliver your most useful information. You need to hook a viewer and convince them it’s worth watching the promotion until the end.
  • Use the right content. For product descriptions the ideal way is to show the product in action rather than just talk about it. Use interesting yet relevant graphics and animations to support your description. And don’t forget to include a call to action as your audience must know the best way to reach you!

Creating video promotions for social media is different from crafting a television commercial, and it’s not the most effective strategy for every business. It’s important to know the needs of your audience and decide if a video is best for their needs. If you’re not sure, you can always ask the team at for guidance – we can help you decide what promotion techniques might be most effective and help you promote your videos across social media once they’ve been created.