Everything I Learned about Social Media Marketing, I Learned from my Mother

Celebrate Mother's Day with SonicSEO.com

Mother’s Day is right around the corner…and it got us thinking about the sage advice we’ve received from our mothers over the years. Things like:

“Call everyone Mr. and Mrs.

Don’t talk bad about anybody

Wear clean underwear, and

Call me if you have any problems.”

Over the years, we’ve taken these small bits of wisdom to heart. And we’ve come to realize that this advice is not only relevant for day-to-day living, but equally relevant to proper Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. etiquette (yes, even the clean underwear bit…we’ll explain).

Proper Address and Conversational Topics

The first two pieces of Mom-advice tell us how to properly address those with whom you engage (or hope to engage) on social media platforms.

Good social media interactions are all about knowing your audience:

  • What interests them
  • What they’re looking for
  • How you can interest them and give them what they’re looking for

No matter who your target demographic is—tweens, college grads, Baby Boomers, etc.—they want you to respect their online time.

Customers will engage with a company that’s relevant to their lives and interests. But they do know a marketing pitch when they see one…and they’ll avoid a company that does nothing but trumpet their own products, services and accomplishments, no matter how relevant they may be.

Customers will be loyal to companies they engage with if given a proper incentive. Sometimes that may mean online only specials, but it doesn’t have to. You can make your business relevant by providing free information, advice and links to additional resources and injecting personality into your posts and tweets.

But you have to focus on the positive—you, your business. Openly bashing your competition is a sure-fire un-incentive to be brand loyal.

Proper Attire

Per Mom’s advice, underneath your clothes should be clean undergarments. There should also be a clean presence underlying your social media activity—your website. To date, social media platforms provide amazing marketing opportunities, but you don’t own those sites—they’re not yours. Every social media campaign should be undergirded by a solid website.

So if you’re going to invest your time and effort into a solid and lasting web presence, your website needs to be clean—attractive, user friendly and packed with quality content.

Calls For Help

If you should find that meaningfully engaging with your (potential) customers adds more to your workload than you and your staff can handle or…

You just don’t feel comfortable wandering into the world of social media marketing on your own or…

You want to spruce up your website before venturing into the Twitterverse, you’re not alone.

Just like Mom was only a phone call away, SonicSEO.com is just a click away from helping you with all of your online marketing needs!

From SonicSEO.com to all the mothers out there: thank you for all the love and advice you’ve given over the years. Happy Mother’s Day!