A New Reason To Get In On Social Media

Facebook and Bing have joined forces for the ultimate social search. Facebook has over 500 million users. Bing is among the leaders in search engines. Together, they could change the way that people search online—and how people make decisions about where to spend their money.

What Exactly Does This Partnership Do?

When a user is logged on with Facebook and searches for something on Bing, the top search results generated will be things their friends from Facebook have “liked.” For example, if you were logged in on Facebook and used Bing to search for an Indian restaurant, the results at the top of the Bing page would include restaurants that your friends on Facebook have “liked” in the past. So, the more people you get to “like” your business Facebook page, the more likely you are to be at the top of the Bing search engines. This results in higher visibility for your business and, ultimately, more clients.

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Why does this matter to Your Business?

Since the majority of people now turn to search engines first for local business information, if your listing doesn’t appear at the top of the results, people likely won’t know your business even exists. With social search being thrown into the mix, having an online marketing plan that strategically couples Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a strong social media presence is imperative.

If this new partnership between Bing and Facebook catches on, word-of-mouth advertising could be taken to a whole new level. People will be able to get a word-of-mouth recommendation instantly from their friends when they are looking for a business. The power of suggestion could play a large role in influencing what businesses people choose from their online searches. So, the businesses that have a well-established Facebook page could reap some serious benefits from this new partnership.

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