Facebook Marketing Is a Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Business

business facebook page optimizationFacebook is still holding firm on its no-sales policy, so you cannot directly sell your products or services on Facebook…but you can sell your brand. Facebook marketing can generate demand and inspire customer loyalty by engaging and interacting in real-time with your existing and potential customers. Plus, through your posts, you can direct your Facebook fans to your website where they may complete a sale or become a real lead. And, because you can create a Facebook presence for free and create ads for less than other online platforms, Facebook marketing allows you to spread the word about your business to a potentially HUGE group of people at a relatively low cost.

The Benefits of Marketing on Facebook

There are several ways in which Facebook marketing has advantages over traditional marketing. These include:

  • A huge potential audience– There are more than 2 billion active monthly users on Facebook, and nearly 2/3 of them log in daily.
  • It’s cheap– Facebook isn’t free, especially for businesses that want to reach their fans’ newsfeeds faster. But you do not have to spend a lot of money to get traction on Facebook; it’s more important to invest your time. We understand that your time is, of course, anything but free, but compared to other forms of marketing, Facebook still provides a great value.
  • You can engage with customers or potential customers– Facebook is an easy place for your fans to interact with you and vice versa. They do not have to leave the comfort of their own online social sphere to ask you questions, make comments or lodge complaints…and you can deal with all their posts directly.
    By allowing quick and easy responses, Facebook helps people feel connected to your business—and emotional connections are a huge part of the psychology of buying. Having connected customers also makes it likely that they will recommend your business to their friends, and the word of friends (and friends of friends) is far more trustworthy to today’s savvy consumers.
  • Targetability– Facebook users generally give out a lot of information about themselves – their age, where they live, what their interests are, their education level and so on. Just as with search engine marketing, Facebook makes it easy to use this information to target your page (and paid ads) to specific demographics.

Growing your Business using Facebook & other Social Media Platforms

Do you have the time it takes to meaningfully interact with your fans?

Do you have the time to identify the kinds of posts that generate buzz on your Facebook page and drive traffic to your website?

If the answer’s no, the solution is not to be absent from Facebook.

Facebook is an active and increasingly relevant place for businesses:

  • 93% of adult internet users are on Facebook
  • 1 out of every 8 minutes on the internet is spent on Facebook
  • 51% of consumers said they are more likely to buy a product or service after becoming a fan of the company on Facebook

You really can’t afford to pass up the opportunities to be found by new potential customers and solidify relationships with existing ones. And, since Facebook data is increasingly being integrated into search engine algorithms, your active Facebook presence may be a growing factor in your search engine rankings.

The solution is to get help managing your Facebook marketing campaign from SonicSEO.com.

Let SonicSEO.com Help you Maximize your Marketing Potential on Facebook

SonicSEO.com has a dedicated social media management staff. We take the time to get to know you and your business so that we can create Facebook posts and interact with your fans the way you would (if you had the time).

We keep your content fresh and show your fans (and the search engines) that you are actively engaged and attentive to their feedback. If there’s ever a comment or question we think needs your personal attention, our social media staff will contact you right away so that your customers’ concerns are handled in a timely manner. Need a contest to spice things up a bit? We do that, too.

If you are unsure about how to start an effective Facebook marketing campaign or need help improving the performance of a current page, SonicSEO.com can help!

Contact SonicSEO.com today to see how we can help your business gain new exposure through the power of social media.