Being Part of the Conversation

Social media is everywhere. From Twitter to Facebook, everybody is online and connected to each other. The conversations people have on social media are more than just chatter. Social media is the perfect place for businesses to advertise, get their message out, and interact with others. Some people, however, don’t think social media is professional or the proper medium to communicate with potential clients and customers.

That’s simply not true.

Just being on a social media platform isn’t enough. You need to be an active part of the conversation for it to be truly effective. Here’s why:

  • Interaction: Everyone hates when they call a customer service line and are put on hold for a very long time. It makes people feel unappreciated and that their concerns aren’t important. To a certain degree, the same is true with social media. You have your pages set up so people see you and have the option to interact with you. If you don’t respond to customer communication, customers may take it as a sign that they’re being ignored and that they have no value to your business.
  • Customer Service: Take interaction one-step further and you have customer service. You can not only listen and respond to general customer comments, but you can also address specific problems. Use your social media platform as a tool to reach out, address, and follow up on customer concerns or complaints. Address any issues and use your social media as another way for customers to contact you. Don’t look at it as a complaint hotline, but rather, as a tool to hear individual concerns and a way to easily communicate with customers to address those concerns.
  • Reputation Management: Customer service is a key component to manage your business’ reputation, but you can also do so much more. With social media platforms being such a public forum, you can listen to your customers. As they begin to interact with your social media platforms, you can not only see negative comments, but also positive ones. You can see what you’re doing right, what you should do more of, and even get creative and fun suggestions from customers. You can address criticism and be seen doing good by everyone that follows you and you can create a positive reputation by showing everyone that you really do care. Thank people for their support, suggestions, and even criticisms.

These are three important reasons why you want your business to be a part of social media and why you never want to ignore the conversations happening on your social media accounts. Real people use social media—don’t ignore them.

It may be easy to create your social media accounts, but don’t set them and forget them. You don’t want to ignore the conversation that takes place on your social media platforms. It can be difficult to manage a business and maintain these accounts, but it’s very important to keep with the conversation. Whether you do it yourself, or have an SEO company to help manage your social media, use these online conversations to your advantage. They can really help your business shine.