How to Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition

Tips for Creating a Unique Value Proposition

There are millions of businesses trying to market themselves online. While your local competition may not be that steep, you still need to be able to set yourself apart so that potential clients see the value of doing business with you over another company.

Search engine optimization is the first step in setting yourself apart from your competition. It will put you above your competition in the search engines and drive people to your site who are actively seeking the products or services you provide.

While search engine optimization can make you accessible to potential clients, it cannot turn them into actual paying clients.

That’s where a unique value proposition (UVP) comes in.

A unique value proposition is a simple statement that explains why a potential client should choose you over your competition. That means you need to present yourself in a way that your competition is not; in a way that positions your business as the best possible place to get the products or services people need.

When developing your unique value proposition, there are three main things you need to keep in mind:

  • You need to offer a true value.

    Your unique value proposition should provide potential clients with a true value; that is, you need to meet some need that they have. If you’re promoting your business as having a great staff, dig into that a little deeper so that potential clients can see the value of a great staff. Perhaps having a great staff means that clients will always speak to a qualified professional who can address their needs anytime of the day or night. Or perhaps it means that clients get the benefit of years of combined experience. Don’t just think about the services you offer clients, think about the value to the client and promote that.

  • You need to stand out.

    As you develop your unique value proposition, you not only need to offer a true value, but your proposition needs to be unique. This requires a bit of research. Check out your largest competitors and see how they’re marketing themselves. What are they promoting that’s unique about their business? Once you’ve learned what your competitors are promoting, it’s time to get creative. What are they missing that would be a true value to clients? Find something about your business that’s not being promoted by other businesses so that the value you are offering clients is truly unique.

  • You need to be irresistible.

    Once you’ve come up with a unique value that you can promote, you need to craft it into a simple, compelling statement. This is not the time to be wordy. This is the time to choose your words carefully. Once you’ve crafted your unique value proposition, you need to make sure that the copy and design of your website complement it. Every aspect of your website and any other marketing materials you develop need to reflect and advance your unique value proposition.

Obviously, coming up with a solid unique value proposition takes time. And it’s a lot easier said than done. But once you have your UVP and begin to strategically incorporate it into your online marketing plan, you should be able to see an increase in conversion.