SEO vs. Content Marketing or SEO AND Content Marketing?

A marketing strategy is designed to do one thing—bring customers to you. This can range from billboards to television ads to clickable banners on a website. However, consumers are learning to overlook a wide variety of traditional marketing techniques. This is why content marketing developed. Rather than presenting an eye-catching ad with a brand logo, clever marketing offers customers relevant information supported by their company.

Why SEO Doesn’t Rival Content Marketing

If you’re not relying on a television commercial or billboard to advertise your product, your other options are to create relevant content marketing. This is only useful if customers can find your content. The best well-designed infographic in the world won’t pull customers to your business unless it’s being seen.

SEO is how you spread your content marketing. Good search engine optimization allows a customer to search a particular line of keywords and find your content. You’ve created excellent content marketing that provides consumers information and highlights your product. Now your customers need to be able to find it.

How SEO Helps Content Marketing

With the right SEO in place, your content marketing becomes easy for any potential customer to find. When they’re searching and they come across your marketing, the quality of your content combined with the value of your SEO creates a hook that keeps people reading. Combining SEO and content marketing is how you create a unique voice for your company that lets you stand out amongst your competitors.

Content marketing can’t be appreciated in a vacuum; SEO brings people to view it, working hand-in-hand. Customers learn your business by name, associating it with quality content and ease of access. Your content marketing becomes shareable information they spread by word of mouth and social media. And with the right SEO, your number of viewers will increase along with your chances of gaining new customers.